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Amy Moselhi bought home in 2007.

Top qualities: Ethical, Trustworthy, Responsible

Randi Robinowitz is an amazing agent. I have to say in 2011 after having gone through 2 other agents in my pursuit to buy my first home it was very refreshing to work with someone who was committed to just working with me to find my dream home. After seeing many homes and not liking any, Randi recommended a home in New Rochelle that I had overlooked in my Trulia and Zillow searching frenzy. As soon as walked in I knew I was home!

She helped negotiate a very difficult deal with Westchester County who was selling this property on behalf of a minor. I remember Randi's incredible moral high ground in the negotiation. She challenged me when she felt it was in our best interest to do so and was te voice of reason when I wanted items that may have become deal breakers.

She is a remarkable person. As a gift to me she told me that she would remove an unsightly swing set from my back yard. After closing it became apparent that the swing set had been set in concrete! I was sure she would walk away as this was outside of her perview to say the least. To my most pleasant surprise she showed up. Her husband removed the swing set and repaired the back yard in that area. Randi continues to follow up with me and always remembers my family around the holidays with great chocolate covered pretzels. She is truly a agent like no other.


Mindy Wu bought a home in 2014.

Top qualities: Expert, Service, Great Results


Randi is awesome! Instead of just showing us some properties like most "average" real estate agents do, what really set her apart from others is that she added great value to every step in the process, such as figuring out appropriate price point, coming up with the best strategy of engaging with the seller, and offering important information about school, tax, insurance, contractors, etc. We feel very lucky to have her as our agent.

Speaking of the level of services that she provided, here is an example: she even helped us file grievance application and eventually got it approved! Am I happy? Oh, yes, indeed. Couldn't ask for more! September 28, 2014

Jon Greenhill sold a home in 2014.

Top qualities: Knowledge, Commitment, Focus

Randi was the consummate professional who had a knack for anticipating our needs. She was a master of the process, knowing precisely what was required (permits, etc.) and when. Another thing that impressed us was her ability to keep the transaction on course. She is so knowledgeable about houses that she could be a building inspector. Randi spotted problems before they were problems. This enabled us to make the appropriate preparations for a clean sale. Finally, Randi is direct and to the point. It was a pleasure dealing with someone who knew what we wanted, respected that and was mindful of our time. I would recommend Randi without hesitation to either buyer or seller! September 23, 2014

Rick Watsky sold a home in 2013.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Our goal was to sell our house quickly for a good price, and she made that happen. Her proactive and "hands on" follow-up took care of details which would otherwise have cost us much time and trouble. The attorney and the estate sales firm to whom she referred us were experienced and effective, and really cared about their work with us. The end result was a happy seller. April 8, 2013

Karent Perez bought & sold a home in 2010 & 2012.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


I had a great experience with Randi, she helped us buy a house and then when we had to sell it, she helped us with that too. She has great knowledge of how things need to be done to get fast results.If you need a Real Estate Agent, I would not look any further. Thanks Randi what could ihave been a very stressfull experience, turned out to be a learning experience. February 24, 2010

John Campbell sold home in 2008.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your extraordinary real estate work with my mother's house. You patiently worked through a variety of difficult issues and guided me to get the most for the house that was possible! There were many problems with the structure of the house and failing systems but you were a trusted, proactive advisor able to resolve these matters. You sorted through many buyers until one was found that was financially qualified. I can not tell you the "peace of mind" that you have given me and I would recommend you for your determination, professionalism and dedication. You certainly put your client's needs first and it is my pleasure to highly recommend you. Last year was a tough market for multi-family residential in Westchester, such as Mom's, but you did a very fine job for me in the transfer of this property. Much Thanks. February 21, 2010


Rick Pedersen sold a home in 2007.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

I got to know Randi when my wife and I were evaluating whether to trade up to a larger home in our school district. She provided a candid assessment of the value of our home as well as the costs associated with moving to other parts of our school district. Ultimately, we stayed in our home for now, but I contacted her when I wanted to sell my rental property. She took the time to understand my motivation and the timing I was hoping for and provided excellent guidance throughout the entire process. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her professionally and personally. February 2, 2010


Barbara Kelman bought a home in 2005.

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative


The highest compliment that I can provide to a REALTOR during the current economic situation would be to state s/he is 'pleasantly aggressive'. This market requires someone who is 'aggressive', at the same time always 'pleasant'. Randi is both. Whether someone is 'buying or selling' ... both these attributes are needed for SUCCESS. February 22, 2010


Betty Wenstein sold a home in 2013

Top qualities: Knowledge, Personable, High Integrity


My husband and I are happy to recommend Randi Robinowitz as a real estate agent. She was extremely helpful in working with us to sell our house. She cleared up so many issues that we were dealing with. She always was able to supply any information that we required. Also, she took a personal interest in succeeding to sell our house at a reasonable price. In addition to everything else, she was a pleasure to work with. She suggested what could be done to make the house more appealing but was always sensitive to our wishes. I think that the process of showing and selling a house could not be better accomplished than by Randi. December 25, 2013


Bill Whalen sold a home in 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Detail Oriented, Personable


We were "absentee" sellers of a difficult property and Randi helped us present it in its most attractive appearance, and took care of the many details that arose during the

selling process. Very capable and pleasant to deal with.


Jennifer Flowers bought a home in 2010

Top qualities: Knowledge, Commitment, Focus

When looking for a house in lower Westchester county, Randi was able to hone in on just the right type of home. She was focused and able to narrow down the search in a way that saved a great deal of time. Also, the local service providers listed on her personal webpage are very useful during and after a move. February 9, 2010


Debra Kling bought a home in 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Creative, Knowledge


Having worked with Randi several times, I am consistently impressed with her professionalism, ingenuity, and willingness to go the extra mile for her client. Randi is clearly in it for the benefit of her client, whether they be the Buyer or Seller of a property. She is extremely selfless in her role as Realtor, which I have found to be a relatively rare trait. Randi is willing to park her ego at the proverbial "front door": the result is a disarmingly real, unassuming, yet VERY effectual realtor with whom relating and confiding is effortless. December 16, 2012


Linda Alpert sold a home in 2013

Top qualities: Efficient, Knowlege, Focused


Randi's firm had several open houses for us, which I appreciated. She kept me informed throughout the sale process, and kept us focused on the end goal. June 12, 2013


Nancy Carey sold a home in 2013

Top qualities: Commitment, Creative, Great Results


Justin and I cannot thank you enough for all the help and time you put in to get our home to closing. There seemed to be one problem after the other with selling our home. Not only did you help solve each and every problem that came up, you went above and beyond to help us through a very stressful time.

You always had the answers to our questions, and if you didn't have one, took the time to find it out and then explain the answer to us. Justin and I felt you truly cared about our concerns; we think of you as a friend.
We cannot recommend you enough to would be sellers.

Thanks again for always making us smile. April 17, 2013


Oksana Krylova bought a home in 2015

Top qualities: Knowlege, Personable, Efficient


Randi helped me and my husband to purchase our home. We are first time buyers and she answered all our questions in a super timely fashion, giving us insightful advice. Her expertise makes her very knowledgeable in all aspects of the process, from quality of houses to property tax aspects. Working with Randi wasamazing. She was very personable, easy and pleasant to work with. She gets things done in a quick and efficient way. Randi provided outstanding customer service and professionalism, and I cannot recommend her enough.


Roseanne Tardio sold a home in 2013

Top qualities: High Integrity, Knowledge, Commitment


Randi is top notch. She is a 5 star human being and her real estate skills knowledge, and service are above professional. August 1, 2013


Louis Velezquez bought a home in 2011

Top qualities: Commitment, Great Results, Highly Skilled


I found Randi to be very grounded and on point to my expectations. She is pragmatic and sensible and puts things into perspective for you. I highly recommend Randi because she is invested in your well being and the well being of the area and her skill in negotiating a deal were exceptional. I was very happy to have her help with my closing.


Michael Granne bought a home in 2013

Top qualities: Knowledge, Integrity, Great Results


Randi has helped us with the purchase of our house, the long search for it as well as rentals in the interim. She quickly figured out what we wanted and did not push us for more expensive or different places that might have pleased other couples. Super.







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