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Want THE BEST schools for your children? Of course, you do, but is there a best school system for an infant or young child? You have to know what your child needs. In southern Westchester County, there are many smaller school districts (Rye Neck, Blind Brook, Dobbs Ferry, Tuckahoe, Ardsley, Irvington) and larger districts (Rye City, Mamaroneck, Harrison, Scarsdale, White Plains, New Rochelle). Which is better for YOUR child?

The smaller districts tend to provide very personal teaching and smaller class size and that's positive. However, grades have from 80 to 150 students and thus you are with the same students through 13 years. This can be more difficult when the students are in Middle School because there are less groups to fit in with.

In larger school districts, with multiple elementary schools, students come together in Middle School and thus all are mixed in together and socially, each child has the opportunity to redefine themselves. I think this is a plus.

How about special interests such as music and athletics? In smaller districts most students make the sports teams as they need every able body to participate. It is wonderful that some less talented children get to participate as a member of the school sport teams because sports is a meaningful way for children to be a part of a positive group experience.

In the larger school districts the sports programs are bigger so only very talented athletes make the team and only the very best actually play in these very competitive programs. The music and art programs in larger schools have a greater amount of offerings such as a jazz band, marching band, and orchestra. There may be a school play, musical and several choral groups.

This is just my opinion but I believe it has some merit. I try to find a home where you and your children will be happy. There is however, no one size school district that fits all.


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